Band Suppression

The Smooth Sharpen | Band Suppression tool can be used to remove vertical and horizontal bands from an image.

Band Suppression Control & Use Summary:

Band Suppression Processing Example

Initial image with horizontal bands by Chuck Vaughn using a Canon 40D.

Step 1)

The Feature Mask© tool is used to remove bright stars from the image since band suppression can effect stars.

The Spit Stars button on the Feature Mask tool is used to create the matching star only image.

Step 2)

Smooth Sharpen | Band Suppression is applied to the image without stars. Vertical band suppression is disabled since there are no vertical bands.

Step 3)

Special Functions | Combine Images | Blend Modes, Opacity, & Masks with merge split blend mode set on the top layer and normal blend mode set on the bottom layer is used to merge the two processed images. Merge Split blend mode is lossless with ImagesPlus x64 on x64 Windows so no data is lost. Several tutorials for using Combine Images with 32 bit floating point layers, blend modes, opacity, and masks can be found at the main image processing tutorial page.

Step 4)

Image with horizontal bands removed.

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