A set of 10 light frames of Omega Centauri along with flat and bias frames from a Starlight SXV-H9C were collected using a C 11 at f/2 with Hyperstar. Detailed processing of the initial light, flat, dark, flat dark, and bias image set is demonstrated by the OSC CCD Automatic Image Set Processing example.

The goal is to enhance the stacked image for display on the web.

Initial stacked image

Step 1

Digital Development brightness and contrast increase.

Step 2

Digital Development color adjustment.

Step 3

Neutralize background and adjust color.

Step 4

Adjust Color Balance.

Step 5

Sharpen only fine detail and blend using the feather slider.

Step 6

Increase color saturation.

Step 7

Complete processing history with unlimited undo, redo, and save in a project file. Double-click on a command in the Process History window to edit the command parameters.

Step 8

First use the + and - toolbar zoom buttons to scale the image on the screen to the size needed. Note the scale percent in the top caption of the image window then use Scale with the same percent value to resize the image for the web. In this case the scale is 0.7 or 70%.

Final image of Omega Centauri scaled to 70% for display on the web.

Final image of Omega Centauri at full resolution.

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