Setting Midtone and Highlight Sharpening Range With The Histogramm & Using The Clone Tool

Initial HDR ArcSinH stretched 3nm H-alpha image of M42 with smoothed background. 8 bit histogram is displayed showing the position of the green min value and blue max value traingles used for smoothing.

Step 1

Setting the min max apply range for the adaptive Richardson-Lucy deconvolution tool using the histogram.

Step 2

20 iterations of adaptive Richardson-Lucy deconvolution are applied with the reduce artifacts option checked to eliminate dark halos around stars and bright edges.

Step 3

Adaptive contrast is selected from the histogram with the same range as deconvolution and used to increase contrast.

Step 4

Mild contrast increase with the reduce artifacts box checked to reduce halos around bright areas.

Step 5

Left-click on each bad pixel or dust mark to clone the adjacent pixels into the problem area.

Final image of M42 with smoothed background mild midtone and highlight sharpened. Defects removed using the clone tool. Ready to combine with other images.

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