High Dynamic Range (HDR) Combinations

Initial highlight, midtone, and shadow detail from left to right.

Step 1 - Initial HDR Add

The initial HDR combination with default parameter tone map compress = 0.0 and brightness = 1.0 is shown on left. The HDR combination on right has tone map compress = -0.0780 to show more color and contrast in the stained glass window and shutters. The image on right will be enhanced in the steps below.

Step 2 - Adjust HDR Tone Map

The Histogram Contrast Stretch function is used to increase contrast and color of the stained glass window. Highlight parameters are adjusted so that Brightness = 0.2020 and Contrast = 0.5750.

The Background parameters were not adjusted but Blend was set to 0.1990 to give more weight to the background which makes it brighter.

Step 3 - Micro Curves

A mild increase is applied to the dark background. The micro curve is applied only to the interval [0.0, 13107.0].

Step 4 - Color Balance

White balance is adjusted using the Color Balance tool. Check the Midtone Balance box then left-click on the window frame to make it white.

Step 5 - Saturation & Brightness

Color saturation is increased.

Comparision of Initial Frames with enhanced HDR Combination

Initial 3 input images to HDR Add on left compared to enhanced HDR combination image on right.

Enhanced HDR combination.

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