Color & Monochrome Clone Tool - Removing Dust Spots & Bad Pixels

Initial stacked and stretched image of the Horsehead Nebula. Three large dust spots and other pixel defects ruin the image.

Step 1

Window Size controls how far out from the left-click point pixels are copied from. Effect Size is the size of the area changed with each left-click. Since the dust spots are large Window Size and Effect Size are set to to 29 x 29 and 23 x 23, respectively. Start with a left-click at the edge of a dust spot then continue clicking until the spot is removed. The example above shows a single left-click on the edge of the lower dust spot.

One of the lower dust spots has been completely removed and work is under way on the second lower dust spot. The unlimited undo and redo buttons or process history list can be used to undo one or more unwanted clone corrections.

Both of the lower dust spots have been completely removed and work is under way on the upper dust spot.

Step 2

The image is zoomed to 100% and any artifacts that remain are cloned using the small window and effect size. The entire image is inspected at 100% zoom. Bad pixels and other small defects are removed.

Final image of the Horsehead Nebula with dust spots, bad pixels, and other defects removed.

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