• Set Tv, Av, ISO, image size and quality, white balance, color temperature, and color space for use with the Focus Metrics tab or while live view video is displayed.
  • Display 1/5 or full resolution 5x live view video.
  • Live view zoom display 1x, 2x, +, -, 50%, and 100% options.
  • Focus a camera lens or ASCOM absolute postion focuser.
  • Focus by minimizing an averaged star size HFD.
  • Average center of flux shown by a yellow-cross hair for collimation.
  • Adjust Tv, Av, and ISO while live view is running to remove overexposed areas marked by bright green.
  • Capture video data in an uncompressed 24 bit per pixel SID file with 928 x 616 color frames at 23-28 per second on Windows 7.
  • Live view focus and collimation example.
  • Planetary video capture and processing example.

5x live view zoom star size HFD measurement with 2x display. Adjust Tv and ISO to remove overexposed areas of the star shown in bright green to increase average HFD measurement. Center of flux shown by yellow cross-hair.

Jupiter captured in SID file for 60 seconds. 1698 frames at 27.85 frames per second on Win 7 x64 with fast hard drive.

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